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Well-maintained boilers tend to last an average of 10 - 15 years. A boiler that doesn't have a proper and regular maintenance service might have issues unknown to you that could be dangerous for your building & family members. Moreover, damages could worsen over time if service is put off, hence, more cost for you in the future. 

Domestic Boiler Maintenance, Service and Installation 

Our professionals at Bedford Gas Engineer Services follows a strict checklist to ensure a quality and safe service for our clients. 
Here's what we do when we service your boiler. 
Visually check your boiler and the area around it. 
Check if the color of your boiler's flame is right 
Ensure that your home is kept clean by covering the immediate area. Once done, perform an internal boiler check that includes all internal components and pipework. 
If required, our gas engineer will Power Vacuum the boiler interior to make sure that it is free from dust and debris . 
Using our specialist measuring equipment, test all boiler components and ensure that each part is working as it should be. 
Just give us a call or leave us a message using our contact form. 

Commercial Boiler Maintenance, Service and Installation 

We have several services for commercial facilities depending on your requirements. Our gas engineers make sure your gas boiler units are efficiently working all the time. 

Gas Boiler Servicing 

Our team does the following performance checks to guarantee that your boilers are working properly. 
Overall unit inspection 
Smoke testing 
Combustion analysis 
Gas rating 
Wear-and-tear inspection 
Safety feature tests 
Required cleaning 

Commercial Burner Servicing 

Our maintenance procedures for your burner equipment sees to it that it's working properly and within safety controls. We assess your unit on-site and perform professional services according to your needs. Here's how we maintain your equipment: 
Ventilation checks 
Pipe tests 
Burner control replacements 
Burner clean-up 
Combustion analysis 

Radiant Tube Heater Maintenance 

A proper and regularly maintained radiant tube heaters will prevent downtimes for your appliances. For maintenance, our team performs the following unit tests depending on your units requirements: 
Burner pressure checks 
Gas analysis 
Parts cleaning 

Direct Fired Hot Water Cylinder Service 

Keeping your hot water cylinders well-maintained improves their overall performance. Any cylinder problems you may have can be checked our team. The following are the regular services required for cylinders: 
Burner pressure check 
Flue gas analysis 
Burners checked and cleaned 
Pressure relief valves checked 
Thermostat functionality checked 
Thermostat functionality checked 
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